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The best kennel services in Auckland

Auckland is an extremely pet-friendly city, and there is no shortage of dog and cat boarding services here. Auckland has several kennels that offer boarding, veterinary and day care services for your furry friend. From luxury pet hotels to facilities that have swimming pools for your pets – Auckland has it all.

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Tackling quarantines while travelling with your pets

Addressing quarantine regulations is perhaps the most intimidating part of a pet travel move. Different countries have different quarantine laws, some more stringent than others, and can range anywhere from two days to six months, depending on the animal and the country in question.

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Choosing the right air crate for your pet

Choosing the correct air crate for your pet dog or cat will ensure their safety and comfort in the cargo hold of an aeroplane. The crate should not just be comfortable and safe for your pet; it should also meet all International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines for transport of live animals.

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Why are pet vaccinations important?

Vaccinations are essential to keep your pet healthy and safe from life-threatening diseases. They prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases such as rabies and leptospirosis from pets to humans and are necessary for pets to be able to travel internationally. Prevention is the best cure.

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The best pet boarding services in London

London is well-known as a pet-friendly city and is very welcoming of dogs and cats. It is an excellent city for pet parents, and there is no lack of pet events, pet-friendly cafés and restaurants, parks to exercise in and kennel services to leave your pets in when you are out of town.

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Dog flu halts import of dogs from Singapore temporarily

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources in recently confirmed that a dog imported from Singapore was diagnosed with Canine Influenza Virus at the post entry quarantine facility in Melbourne, Australia. The department has temporarily suspended all dog imports from Singapore.

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Living in Hong Kong with your dog: Your guide to pet registration and more

Hong Kong may be known for stringent pet ownership and import laws, but the city is an exciting place for dogs to live. Pet parents have responsibilities including registration, however there is several pet-friendly housing options and pet friendly parks and cafes.

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Microchipping Your Pet: Why Is It So Important

Microchipping your pet is one of the many requirements of international pet travel. Experts feel that regardless of whether you are planning to travel with your pet or not, it is a good idea to implant a microchip in your dog or cat.

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Asking The Right Questions: What To Ask Before Choosing A Pet Relocation Company

Moving homes can be extremely stressful, more so moving countries with your family and pets. There is so much to be on top of – confusing legislation, vaccinations, pet safety, unending paperwork, the costs, choosing the right crate – it can get overwhelming.

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