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Understanding pet quarantine rules in Hong Kong

If you are planning to move to Hong Kong with your pet dog or cat, it is imperative to understand the country’s quarantine rules before planning your travel. The number of days your pet dog or cat has to remain in quarantine depends on the country your pet is flying from.

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Best pet boarding services in Christchurch

New Zealand is extremely pet-friendly, and the fresh air and wide open spaces in Christchurch make it a fantastic place to own a pet. There are several pet boarding services that take in cats and dogs if you are travelling out of Christchurch on work or leisure.

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The best pet boarding facilities in Dallas

The southern city of Dallas is home to many pet parents and is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the United States. Dallas has plenty of activities for your pet as well as several pet boarding facilities for the times when you have to travel without your pet.

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Banned dog breeds in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a fantastic place for pets. The United Kingdom has restrictions on aggressive and dangerous breeds of dogs to protect the public from dog attacks. Your pet can move with you to the UK only if he or she is not on the prohibited breed list.

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Living in Auckland with your dog: What to expect

Auckland and its beautiful wide-open spaces is a fantastic place to bring up a dog. The city has pet-friendly beaches and parks, and several pet-friendly activities to participate with your dog. If you are planning to move to Auckland, here's what you need to know about living here with a dog.

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Bringing your pet dog or cat to Japan: All you need to know

Japan is a pet-friendly country. Bringing your pet to Japan is a complex process since Japan is a rabies-free country. There are several steps in the process to bring your pet dog or cat to Japan, and it is vital that each step is fulfilled for your pet to gain entry into the country.

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Domestic air travel in Australia with your pet

Travelling in Australia with your dog or cat is simple; if you are flying with your pet, you can check your pet in as excess baggage. Customers in Australia will need to enlist a pet relocation agent for domestic travel only if they are not travelling on the same flight as their pet dog or cat.

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Banned cat and dog breeds in Singapore

Singapore is a pet-friendly country and is home to several different cat and dog breeds. However, Singapore has strict regulations about the certain dog and cat breeds they will allow into the country and has rigorous pet import rules in place to regulate it.

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Top tips for relocating with your pet in the winter

Extremely low temperatures are not ideal when you are travelling with your pet dog or cat. When pets are exposed to cold temperatures for extended periods, they can develop hypothermia and frostbite. There are several precautions you can take to make a winter relocation comfortable for your pet.

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Bringing your pet back to Australia from other countries

Australian pet import regulations are known to be amongst the most stringent in the world. If you have travelled out of Australia with your pet, you can bring him or her back only from countries that are approved by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

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