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Pet Crate

How to prepare your pet’s crate before international pet travel

The pet crate is one of the most important aspects of international pet travel. The crate is your pet’s home during the journey, and ensuring your pet is comfortable in the crate is vital for a happy travel experience.

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Can my pets share a crate during international pet travel?

We are often asked by pet parents travelling with multiple pets if it is safe for two or more pets to share a pet crate during international pet travel. Read on to find out.

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What is an IATA LAR CR 82 crate and does my dog need one for international travel?

Strong and large dog breeds are classified as dangerous and many airlines do not fly them. Here’s all you need to know about CR 82 crates and if your dog needs one for international travel.

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How to crate train your pet for travel

Crate training is crucial for a pet that is travelling to a different country. The comfort of your pet on the international flight depends largely on how comfortable he or she is in the crate. It is advisable to get the crate early and acclimatise your pet to the crate before travelling.

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Choosing the right air crate for your pet

Choosing the correct air crate for your pet dog or cat will ensure their safety and comfort in the cargo hold of an aeroplane. The crate should not just be comfortable and safe for your pet; it should also meet all International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines for transport of live animals.

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