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Understanding pet quarantine rules in Japan

If you are moving to Japan with your pet dog or cat, the number of days your pet remains at the quarantine centre depends on factors such the country your pet is flying from and whether your pet has fulfilled all import regulations satisfactorily.

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Understanding pet quarantine rules in Hong Kong

If you are planning to move to Hong Kong with your pet dog or cat, it is imperative to understand the country’s quarantine rules before planning your travel. The number of days your pet dog or cat has to remain in quarantine depends on the country your pet is flying from.

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Bringing your pet back to Australia from other countries

Australian pet import regulations are known to be amongst the most stringent in the world. If you have travelled out of Australia with your pet, you can bring him or her back only from countries that are approved by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

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Understanding pet quarantine rules in the US

Are you and your pet relocating to the United States of America? To relocate a pet into the US, there are several pet import rules and regulations to be followed. US law requires that your pet is vaccinated, has the right documentation and is healthy to be able to enter the country.

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Pet quarantine rules in Singapore

Singapore has strict pet import regulations to safeguard the local fauna from rabies and other exotic diseases. If you are looking to move to Singapore with your pets, understanding quarantine regulations in Singapore will go a long way in helping you plan your travel.

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Understanding Ireland’s quarantine regulations

Ireland has a set of pet import regulations for dogs and cats entering the country, and your pet will not be allowed to enter if these requirements are not met. Irish law requires you to follow specific procedures which involve documentation, health tests and vaccinations.

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Relocating with your pet to another country: What you should know

International pet relocations involve a series of time-bound steps that must be carried out accurately and precisely, and the whole process of relocation can take from three months to a year depending on the country you are travelling to and the country you are moving from.

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Understanding pet quarantine in Australia

Australia has strict biosecurity laws in place that are aimed at protecting the local flora and fauna from exotic pests and diseases. If you are planning to move to Australia with your pet cat or dog, you have to fulfil all the biosecurity requirements for your pet to be able to enter the country.

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Tackling quarantines while travelling with your pets

Addressing quarantine regulations is perhaps the most intimidating part of a pet travel move. Different countries have different quarantine laws, some more stringent than others, and can range anywhere from two days to six months, depending on the animal and the country in question.

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