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Travel Preparation

Top pet-friendly airlines for international pet transport

Booking your furry friend on a pet-friendly airline with zero-harm policies is one of the most important factors to consider during international pet transport.

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What is the significance of biosecurity on international pet travel?

Biosecurity laws are important for international pet travel because these laws dictate the complexity of the pet import process and the inherent risks should the process not be completed correctly.

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Why is the rabies vaccination important before international pet travel?

Rabies is a dangerous zoonotic disease, and efforts are on to eradicate the disease. Read to know why the vaccination is so important before international pet travel.

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Why is international pet transport so expensive?

International pet travel is expensive because of all the components involved in making the trip successful. Read on to understand why your pet’s trip costs so much.

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Top tips for preparing your dog or cat for international pet travel

Preparing your pet for travel is very important to ensure they have a comfortable pet travel experience. Read on for how to equip your dog or cat for international pet travel.

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Five basic commands all dogs must know before they travel

When you are travelling with your dog, it helps if your pup can recognise and obey these five basic commands. These commands will help your pet stay safe and well-behaved in public.

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Getting your pet healthy and fit before travel

It is important to make sure your pet is healthy and fit before travel to give them the best tools to help cope with the stress of travel. Here’s what you can do to get your pet ready for travel.

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International travel with an aggressive dog: Is it possible?

If you are contemplating travel with an aggressive dog or a dog that is uncomfortable with unfamiliar people, here’s what you should do

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Post-arrival veterinary checks in New Zealand

If you are travelling to New Zealand with your pet, here’s what you should know about the post-arrival checks in the country.

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Where do pets travel in the plane and other pet travel questions answered

Your pet is family and when you hand them over to the pet transport agency, you will have many questions about the process. Read on for answers to all pet travel questions.

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