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Our Commitment

We understand that your pet needs to travel quickly and comfortably. That’s why we’re all about the care factor.

Our promise to you

  • The safety of your pet always comes first
  • We never sedate your pet
  • Our experienced Pet Concierges will always be on time to collect and deliver your pet and will only travel on direct routes to your pet’s destination
  • Your pet only travels in an airline approved Petraveller Sky Crate with a Petraveller Sky Bed
  • Travel routes are via pet-friendly airlines and include the shortest transit times
  • Your pet is priority boarded and disembarked on all flights
  • You will receive updates by phone and email during your pet’s journey and at all transit points
  • We’re available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week when your pet is travelling with us
  • We treat every pet like a member of our family