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Travelling overseas is an exciting time… but are you forgetting anyone? With Petraveller, your pet can go with you anywhere in the world.

We can manage every part of your pet’s international journey, including the complex processes and approvals required by airlines and governing bodies both in Australia and abroad.

Our team will provide you with regular status updates from origin to destination, and can also provide an animal carer to accompany your pet anywhere in the world.

That leaves you and your pet to enjoy the experience of travelling.


Our Pet Travel experts will:

  • Book and confirm your pet’s flights on the most direct route
  • Schedule the administration of mandatory vaccinations and health treatments by our Australian Government accredited Veterinary Specialists
  • Prepare and lodge all pre-flight documentation, including veterinary certificates, airline security, and customs clearances and government permits and appointments
  • Coordinate any pre- and post-flight quarantine
  • Customise an airline-approved Petraveller Sky Crate and ultra-absorbent Sky Bed for your pet’s travel
  • Organise our qualified Pet Concierge to perform a health check and collect your pet in a Petraveller temperature-controlled vehicle
  • Book a complimentary one night stay at our Pet Hotel
  • Coordinate priority boarding onto the aircraft with minimal transit time in a dedicated animal waiting area

In Flight

The captain is notified when your pet is boarded onto the aircraft, the cargo hold lights are dimmed, and the temperature is set and monitored so that it’s just right for a comfortable flight.

On Arrival

Your pet is priority disembarked from the aircraft and can be collected directly a family member or friend, or safely boarded onto an temperature-controlled vehicle for delivery to their new home.