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We Care

Pet travel is a serious matter. Our number one priority is getting your pet home safely.

Petraveller is proud to promote our industry-leading zero-harm rating and are passionate about pet travel safety, and the welfare of animals.

We are an accredited air cargo agent with the Australian Department of Transport and Infrastructure and our Transport Security Program is formally reviewed and subject to internal and external audits.

“We strictly prohibit the use of wire crates with newspaper bedding, which can be dangerous to travel in, and frightening for pets.”

Our team works with airport operators, government agencies, and international regulators to ensure our operations are safe, secure, and comply with regulations.

Our agenda isn’t focused on cost-cutting and operational efficiencies, and our job isn’t done until your pet is home safely.

Petraveller Sky Crates

Pets travelling with us will travel in a customised airline-approved Petraveller Sky Crate that protects the well-being and safety of your pet. Our Sky Crates are suitable for travel in varying weather elements and are lined with a Petraveller ultra-absorbent veterinary bed to provide comfort and warmth during your pet’s journey. We strictly prohibit the use of wire crates with newspaper bedding. which can be dangerous to travel in. and frightening for pets.

Special Needs

All pets are unique, but when travelling with Petraveller they have something in common – we treat every animal like a family member. We understand that animals have different needs and offer tailored care for your pet, whether they are young or old, have a sensitive stomach, or a big appetite, or suffer from sight or hearing impairments.

Our experienced and gentle Pet Handlers are qualified animal handlers, love animals just as much as you do, and prioritise your pet’s needs during ever step of their travel.

“At Petraveller, animals aren’t treated like cargo, and the happiness of your pet is just as important as yours.”

On-board climate control and tracking in our Petraveller vehicles ensure your pet is safe and comfortable. Our team and partners are in regular communication and prepared for the arrival of your special someone.

At Petraveller animals aren’t treated like cargo and the happiness of your pet is just as important as your own.